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Follow Our 4-Steps Marketing Plan To Grow Your Physical Therapy Practice For Long Term Success


Part of being a therapist is to help other people. How can you do your job if they are unable to find you? In today’s world, discovering service providers depends on that provider having a quality website. It also depends on the website expressing the right message to potential patients. It also depends on you having a website that's ranked well on Google. If your site does not show up when someone searches for a physical therapist in your area, you are losing business. You do not exist in their mind. Our job is to help you overcome that problem. We can help you build or rebuild your website. We will include more physical therapy related keywords. We can also ensure that it shows up on Google’s Local Searches, social media platforms, and all other relevant online directories. This will maximize your exposure and attract more potential clients than ever before.


When someone searches for a physical therapist, they want to know that they are in good hands when they come to you. Bringing them to your website is only the first step. You then have to convert them into patients who feel confident that you can provide what they need. Your website needs to help them gain trust. You can do this in several different ways, but mostly by allowing them to know why you are willing and able to help them. As they gain trust in your ability to help them, you will see a higher conversion rate. This can reduce your online marketing expenses while increasing your profits.


As new clients visit your website, you know that they need something from you. Some may be desperate for help now and others may know that they need your help soon. They are at different points in the buying cycle. The first visit usually does not mean that they are ready to commit. To convert them, you must follow up with them. You should continue to share your expertise, and allow them to gain more trust in you as a business. This will encourage them to become ready


Once you have a well-built website with professional, relevant content, you will be on the way to a successful online marketing for physical therapist. New customers will be able to find you and you will be nurturing already established clients. People will enjoy all aspects of your relationship with them. They will enjoy the knowledge you provide on your website and the services you offer. In the end, it will all come together to ensure that your business grows over the long term.

The Ultimate Internet Marketing Checklist for Physical Therapist

We understand that the online world is a frustrating place to be. It can be a challenge to get leads and calls from a website, even if it is perfectly put together. A lot of companies may promise overnight success, but fail to provide it. They may talk the big talk when it comes to SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, and Pay-Per-Lead approaches. It can be tough for you to decide which way is the right way to get ahead. For this reason, we have put together a list of key elements that can be crucial to your online success. It will help you identify what may be missing from your online marketing strategy. It will also show you things you should focus on to reach the next level of growth for your business.

What We Can Do For You

Website Design

Your website should convey your brand, service, and personality. We can help you create or rebuild a website that speaks to your customers on a personal level.

Search Engine Optimization

Studies have shown that even a good website can fail if it does not rank well. We will ensure that your website reaches page one search result status on Google. Your ranking will be based on keywords that are relevant to your physical therapy business.

Local Search Marketing

Physical Therapists depend on local people to succeed. We will claim your business listing on all relevant online directories, including Google My Business. Doing this will ensure that local customers who need your services can find you easily.

PPC Management

Most businesses need to reach as many customers as possible, quickly. We can help using PPC campaigns. We will manage them and help you achieve better results at a lower ad cost for you.

Social Media Marketing

When using social media, people respond best to businesses that have regular updates and news. People look for quality content that is relevant to their situation. We can manage your Social Media profiles to help you attract potential customers that need you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you maintain a long-term relationship with potential customers. It is a way to follow up with them, encourage them gently, and convince them to use your services in the future. As a client that already visits you, it will keep your business name in their mind. This can lead to referrals from them. We can help you set it up and ensure that it is effectively reaching those people.

In today’s Internet-based world, everyone searches for products and services on the web. They no longer search the yellow pages, browse newspaper ads, read direct mailers or billboards. Those advertising options are virtually obsolete. Therefore, as a Physiotherapy business, you must reach out to potential clients on their level. This means building an online presence in every way possible.

We can help you with your online presence. Then, when someone in your area needs physical therapy, they will discover you. It will allow you to outgrow other competitors in your area. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will help you utilize online marketing. By reaching out to us, we promise you will reach your business’ full potential. Simply contact us and we will get started on your success today!