At, we follow a detailed systematic pattern as we optimize your website for top ranking results. We do not try to keep everything mysterious and complicated. We are happy to tell you exactly how we achieve top rankings for your website. Here’s how we do it:

1. We will methodically and exhaustively study and analyze your web pages, especially the home page. This includes planning the strategy to optimize the site, scheduling the steps required to develop the content of the site and if necessary, re-design the navigation structure of your site.

2. Identifying and studying the web site of your competitors.

3. Research and identifying the keywords to be used in the promotion of your web site. We analyze how frequently these potential keywords are actually used by searchers, as well as how many competitors are also battling for position under each keyword. The end result is that we will optimize your site for keywords that are relevant to your business, as well as most likely to successfully increase the amount of traffic to your site.

4. Revising and re-writing the existing pages of your site for optimization. This step may involve many versions of each existing page. It includes modification to the codes of the existing pages, creating the sitemap page and a resource/link section, etc.

5. Building link popularity of your web site. This is a very time consuming and yet critical step of our search engine optimization process. Many SEO companies are charging a lot more for this service alone but we are providing it as part of our SEO services, at no extra cost.

6. Monitoring your web site ranking positions and create a ranking report of your site once a month. This report will be used for the payment status of your account, depending on the results we have achieved for you for that month.

7. Constant monitoring and maintenance of the search engine positions attained by our optimization services for as long as you choose to remain with us. Search engines themselves make this necessary because they are constantly changing their algorithms, and along with them, the rankings of your site. Without constant optimization, you will like to see your web site ranking results sliding gradually over time.

8. You will only be billed for the keywords that we ranked on first page for you on Google, and you are covered by our guarantee as stated on our Guarantee Page.

Depending on the search engine, your web pages will be listed within 4 to 8 weeks (some search engines may take longer). Typically, you should begin to see your ranking results improving gradually by the 3rd month. Significant results could be expected by the end of 6 months.