Frequently Asked Questions about our
Search Engine Optimization Service

Is there any initial set up fees for your optimization services?

We do not charge set up fee nor consultation fee for our service. All the following services are already covered by the service fee: extensive keyword analysis/research, site structure analysis, optimization of the home page, rewriting of page title, descriptions and other meta tags, creation of the site map page, and most importantly, building link popularity for your website.

How much are the service fees for your optimization service?

Our Search Engine Optimization service fees range from $700 to $2000 per month depending on the package that you select. For that, you get continuing monitoring and optimization of your site as needed and monthly ranking report. Bear in mind that these fees are prepaid in advance for each milestone, but will be returned to you if we do not achieve the minimum rankings for the keywords you have chosen. If we do not meet our guaranteed rankings for a particular milestone, you will get your money back.

How long am I committed for your service?

The initial term of our SEO service is 10 months, which is shorter than typical industry practice of 12 months. After the initial term, you may choose to use our optimization service for as long as you wish.

Do I own the work you do for me? Where does it stored at?

This is a very important question you should always ask for every SEO company that you approach. All the work we have done for you, include any additional pages that we create for you, will always stay on your server. In other word, you own all the optimized pages, not us.

Do you provide regular reports and how often are they provided?

We provide a monthly report showing all your latest rankings on Google. It will be generated and sent to you via email at the end of each month (typically during the last 3 days on the month).

When can I expect to see results?

Generally, you can start seeing some improvement of your ranking results about 2-3 months after the commencement of our service. You should be able to see better rankings appearing over the following 1-2 months as more links are added to your site. In most cases, you could see significant results by the end of the campaign period.

Which search engine will I expect to see my site appearing on?

For the moment, we focus primarily on Google. This is because Google accounts for up to 75% or more of total search activities online. Also, they are more consistent in the way they rank websites. Your site may also appear on other search engines like Yahoo but our efforts are focused mainly on getting your site to rank well on Google.

Do you offer Pay-Per-Click management service?

Our current priority and focus is on search engine optimization service. Pay-Per-Click management service requires a very different approach and additional resources to maintain to be effective. We may be able to provide such service in the future when there is sufficient demand.

Do you expect me to edit my web pages?

No, we do not require you to carry out the changes to your web pages unless you wish to do this by yourself. We will request for direct FTP access to your web server if possible, or we will work with your site designer or web master to incorporate the necessary updates to your site. You are also advised to notify us of any changes to your web pages.