Private Investigator

Did you know that there are a lot of available private investigators available for hire? These people are able to help both businesses and individuals who feel that they are being wronged by someone and need to find proof. It may be that you feel someone in your company is stealing money from you or you feel that someone who is dating your daughter is not being honest with her or your family. The choice is yours. You may choose to hire someone for any number of reasons. What will they be able to discover for you?

The Job of a Private Investigator

Private investigators are usually independent workers who may be retired from police duty, the military, or some other job. Most are required to hold a license for their chosen profession and they may investigate any number of cases. These people may work to find out who is lying about needing disability insurance from the government or they may be hired by someone who wants to know whether their spouse is cheating on them or not. It is a job title that can change depending on what a particular client requires.

In order to attain proof of crimes, the private investigator may take photos, videos, and other stuff. It is a


part of their job to blend into the area so that a possibly guilty party will not be able to see that they are being watched or followed until too late. Once you are caught doing wrong by the private investigators, they can give the photos and other information to the person who hired them. In rare cases, if the activities you are caught doing are illegal, they may also have the option to perform a citizen’s arrest and take you to the police station.

Why Would You Need a Private Investigator?

A private investigator makes it a part of their job to blend in. They often have the ability to get information without breaking any laws that a normal citizen may risk breaking. If you own a company and you feel that someone is stealing money or merchandise from you, you can hire a private investigator and give him a job. Part of his job for you will be to get to know employees within your company and watch what goes on when your back is turned. They will report to you the things that they see and tell you if there is a problem.

As an individual, the most common use for an investigator is to find out if a spouse is doing wrong. They may be investigating to see if one spouse has broken a prenuptial agreement or some other terms of an agreement. They may be useful in child custody cases where one person feels that the other parent is doing illegal drugs or hanging out with a person who could put their children in danger.


Most private investigators choose to be paid hourly wages based on the job that they are going to do for you. This means if they feel that it will take them 30 hours to get the information you are seeking, they will charge you for that amount. In most cases, they will want a portion of it to be paid up front. This means that you will probably have to pay for half of the 30 hours before they will start working for you. If they find proof of deceit in less time, you may be refunded a portion of the money you put into it. If the job takes a longer amount of time, you will be required to pay more.

The average price range will vary from one area to the next. Larger cities, like New York or Los Angeles, may have private investigators that charge an amount closer to $300 per hour. Smaller cities may only cost $100 per hour. However, it also depends on the job that they will be doing and whether they are able to sit and observe or if they must get their hands dirty by mingling with the person or people you want to be investigated.

Most people feel that it is worth the price, regardless of the price, because in the end, they will have the answers they were searching for. A company owner will know who is taking from them, a wife may know about her husband’s wrongdoing, and more. Are you ready to find out the whole truth and nothing but the truth about those people who are closest to you?