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The Basics of Reciprocal Link

A link is the connection between to two things and when referring to websites a reciprocal link is the connection between two websites. Usually this is done by each web site having a hyperlink that leads visitors to the other web site. Most web sites have link pages where these reciprocal links are found.

One of the most important aspects about a reciprocal link is that it is an agreement between two sites. Each web site agrees to display a link to the other. They directly benefit both sites because they help to increase traffic and have an effect on search engine rankings.

The main point of reciprocal links is to link to quality websites. This is important because a site owner will want to link to places that are popular and have a good search engine ranking so the link can boost their standings as well. However, using reciprocal links is something that is not easy.

Finding good links will take time. It will involve a lot of communication between website owners. Due to the fact that links can play a pivotal role in search engine rankings, some site owners may be difficult to swap links with. If a website is penalized by the search engines, linking to it could bring down the rankings of the other site. Additionally, it may take a while to find sites that will be beneficial to link from.

A good starting place is the search engines. The goal is to link to websites that are not competition, yet are related. It will take careful searching to find cadidates that fit this profile. When looking for websites to link to a person needs to take advantage of all the opportunities. Checking out one website could yield four or five others that could be possible reciprocal links. A person should go to the site, find the contact information and then look at their link page if there is any. The link page will give ideas for possible other places with which links could be swapped and will also give the person an idea if their website would be complimentary to this site. By doing this at each website, a person can build a good list of possible web site with which to trade links.

Before contacting the webmaster, a person may wish to add that website to their links page first. This is an offer of good faith and shows the serious nature of the link swap request. It also helps to know their website and be able to tell them why the link swap is a good idea. Asking for a reciprocal link is selling to the website owner why it is something they should do.





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